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“Rebecca has extensive knowledge of leadership and management which we have used in our setting to enhance the environment. As she has been working in childcare for many years, she has in depth knowledge of OFSTED requirements and what inspectors like to see. She has helped us implement many things around our setting, not only displays but new ideas in regards to partnership with parents, promoting equality and diversity, re-working routines and making sure staff morale is high so they work to the best of their ability. Rebecca always explains any new ideas she has in detail to all staff members so everyone is aware of the reasoning behind the change. Rebecca is very professional when speaking with members of staff, in general staff meetings, any staff issues and appraisals”.

—  Katie, Nursery Manager

"I would like to highly recommended Rebecca, I contacted her as I needed assistance with my breakfast & after school club. Rebecca was very professional and gave me great advice! She assisted me in all aspects I needed support with such as polices and procedures, and was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable she really knows her field!"

- Damilola Adeniyi, Owner

Profard Resource Centre After School Club

“Rebecca's feedback at her first visit to our setting was quite crucial to the overhauling of our setting's environment, policies, procedures and practices. She spent time with my key members of staff and me identifying our strengths and weaknesses and suggesting areas for improvement. Rebecca displayed a strong understanding of the EYFS and its application for positive outcomes for children. Rebecca's visit to any nursery is good preparation for an Ofsted inspection.”​

—  Femi Ayoola, Nursery Owner

Baby Lambs Day Nursery

"This is an outstanding service that has boosted up my morale and confidence which I had lost. Rebecca is warm, easy to approach and full of motivational spirit that makes me ready for all."

- Elly CCP Childminding

"Rebecca was very helpful, friendly and explained everything so clearly. She is very knowledgeable and gave me areas to improve, along with ideas and resources to support me with this. I’m very happy to have met her, it has given me the peace of mind I needed." 

- Miquilina Childminder

Helping Hand Early Years Consultancy provided us with an excellent service with one week's notice to take us through our OFSTED Inspection. 

They are so professional and detailed in all that they do. Surely they have been a helping hand to us. 

Helping Hand Early Years Consultancy supported us through the following:


1. Collating all the documentation and evidence required by OFSTED and issuing it to them
2. Ensured that the documentations such as policies and procedures are available and up to date
3. Interviewed management and staff to collate evidence for OFSTED.
4. Provided added value training and development in the subject areas OFSTED wanted evidence for
5. Attended during OFSTED inspection
6. We passed - Met grading highest outcome


Helping Hand Early Years Consultancy took away the stress of the OFSTED Inspection and provided in depth knowledge and updates that certainly allowed us to shine in the OFSTED Inspection and also to increase the after school club's professionalism. 


We would certainly be retaining the services of Helping Hand Early Years Consultancy and highly recommend them to any professional children's organisations, educational and children's care sectors. 


5 Stars​

- Damilola Adeniyi, Owner

Profard Resource Centre After School Club

"I was able to ask questions that were particular to my setting, Rebecca also gave me ideas with what to do to improve my services.

- We Childcare

"Thank you so much for all your help with bath time, my daughter all of a sudden developed a fear of the bath and I reached out to this page yesterday, today we have definitely taken a step forward xx".​

- Jo, Parent

“I truly enjoyed working with Rebecca during our time together. She's worked in the early years sector for many years which has helped her gain a lot of knowledge. I have seen her turn negatives into positives. She knows her stuff inside out and always open to pass on her knowledge to others. She's great at what she does.” 

—  Caroline, Nursery Nurse

“During her time at Sunshine Rebecca has made positive changes to the setting and my pre-school room. Rebecca has supported me through building my confidence and helping me become a better room leader. Rebecca has also brought in working in partnership with parents, many parents have commented with how pleased they are that this has been put in place. Rebecca’s experience is also positive as she knows how an outstanding nursery is run and will do anything possible in order to achieve this”.

—  Chloe, Nursery Room Leader

“Thank you for your help, I am truly grateful. Rebecca's service was very good, she is very patient and understanding, I will be recommending her to as many friends as I can. Thanks once again, and God bless you richly".

—  Patricia, Childminder

“It is my pleasure to recommend Rebecca. I have been consistently impressed with Rebecca's attitude and productivity working with us at Bright Explorers. We unfortunately gained an 'inadequate' judgement with Ofsted, Rebecca was able to turn this around for us within five weeks giving us a 'good' grading. She always does her best and works so hard to ensure the standard of the nursery is high. Rebecca is both very bright and motivated, I am confident that she will devote herself to any role with a high degree of diligence. She is a quick learner and has shown the ability to digest large volumes of information and implement them. I recommend Rebecca without reservation.” 

—  Veronica Jimoh, Nursery Owner

Bright Explorers Day Nursery

"I'm extremely grateful for your support with my childminding setting. You completely exceeded my expectations, I'm a very happy client thank you".

- Christiana, Childminder

“It was really nice to meet Rebecca and to work with her. I'm grateful that I decided to make use of her service and thank her for coming my way. She was able to quickly grasp my weaknesses and gave me ideas on how to improve.”

—  Favour, Favourite Minder 

Feedback from Potty Training Workshop

"Everyone was involved and made to feel like part of a team, not like other people who focus on teaching without involving everyone. Well organised with activities and very child friendly".​

"Needs were understood really well...clearly very knowledgable, as someone who delivers training".​

"I was well informed! Great workshop, I really enjoyed it. Thank you for having me!"

"Everyone was involved and made to feel like part of a team, not like other people who focus on teaching without involving everyone. Well organised with activities and very child friendly".

"Needs were understood really well...clearly very knowledgable, as someone who delivers training".

"Great course...felt very confident with information given".

"Covered all the areas that we needed help with...activities were good and suggestions on how to prepare your child in nursery was very helpful. The information and presentation was very good and engaging".

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